IPhone Killer?


Written on 9.1.09 by Howtheheck


A pretty sweet phone. My feelings of this phone are reminiscent of when the IPhone first came out. Qwerty keyboard, touchscreen, GPS navigation, web apps, a hot OS and just about every major feature that brings it up to par with the big dogs of smart phones. What do you think, does the IPhone have competion? Or just another touch phone destined to die, which has been every other touch screen phone beside the IPhone.

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  1. Cary DC |

    Long Time Palm Geek.

    I am in high hopes that the Palm Pre makes it out the door and makes its way to the top of the best seller list of Smart Phones in short order.

    There are so many reasons that it has a good chance of doing so that I will only list a few here.

    True Multi Tasking is the first reason. Use the Card Deck to move from one app to the next and they stay running when you move between then, not just moved to the back ground but running.

    The WebOS is clean and fresh and simple to master so that making your own apps should be not too difficult to figure out and create in short order.

    I can see companies extending the WebOS and making their ERP Platforms run on top of WebOS in no time at all.

    The GPS enabled phone not assisted but enabled is great.

    A 3MP Camera with an LED Flash

    The list goes on and on.

    Magnetic docking station to charge it...

    Normal size ear bud plug.

    flush screen, no recesses.

    Replaceable batteries (Centro Batteries)

    Smokin Hot CPU with capabilities to do way more than the inital machine is doing so look for incremental upgrades in capabilities, like the CPU can handle 12 MP Cameras, Hollywood Video, full Bluetooth networking, WiFi and Wan networking both and the list goes on and on.



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